Patient Experiences

The service has been exceptional from start to finish. The communication between Sevim ( the international patient care supervisor) in the initial stages was excellent, she answered all of my questions and concerns, even to the point of speaking to doctors and surgeons. Was greeted at the airport and taken straight to the hospital. Upon arrival I had several check ups, no waiting around, in and out. I met the surgeon who went through the procedure and explained things. The next morning I was prepped for surgery and taken down. The operation took 2 hours as I had opted to have the gastric sleeve and the antireflux surgery. The operation was a huge success. I couldn't praise the surgeon enough, apparently I had a large hiatus hernia which he also repaired for me during the operation. After the operation I was sent to ICU and monitored over night. The next morning I was taken back to my own room to recover. Over my stay in the hospital Sevim and the surgeon would regularly visit me. Sevim was always a message away, she would respond straight away either by WhatsApp or she would just pop in. All the staff at the hospital were all very professional and very attentive. The aftercare was also exceptional and very thorough. I opted for the full package which included 4 nights stay in a very nice hotel in a very picturesque part of the town. I was very happy with the decision as I wanted to make sure that everything was ok after the surgery. Again Sevim was very helpful and was always reachable by phone. I would definitely recommend the full package as this gives you extra time to make fully sure everything is ok plus Eskisehir is such a nice place to site see around. Overall it's been the best decision of my life and can already feel the benefits of the operation. I can 100% recommend the hospital and it's staff. Thank you all for the excellent experience.

- Nicholas Scıocchetti

I would recommend this hospital to anyone who wishes to have sleeve surgery. Having just undergone sleeve surgery in Anadolu Hospital, I have nothing to say high regard for the professionalism dedication of the staff. Surgeon Dr. Cenk is very kind experienced and patient. Visited me when requested in the presence of Sevim mostly, she explained to me everything in detail and answered all my questions. Sevim made sure I understood everything and even explained twice when needed. Ward Staff (Floor 3) Nurses – my favorite Sumeyye, she is calm and professional, least pain possible when gave me injections. All other nurses are dedicated too. Cleaners – They clean very good into detail, friendly and take immediate action. Very high standard of cleanliness and care. One note on staff would be that at least they should know basic English words. As I felt without Sevim I couldn’t communicate nothing with anyone. Food – My friend who accompanied me was served food everyday, water , juice , coffee. The soup which I was suppose to take post-op was not good as it was not clear as my Dr. instructed. Sevim – Last but not least and if it was not for her I would have not chose Anadolu Hospital. She is marvellous, patient kind hearted, dedicated, passionate about her job. I really appreciate all the service I got from chats on Whatsapp that started from Malta to the pick up at the airport, including being able to bring my friend as support and taking care ıf her and keepinf her informed while my surgery. Sevim made sure everything ran smoothly for us. Answers her mobile immediately. (speedy response). Without her we couldn’t communicate and I wouldn’t do surgery. Thanking everyone and glad I chose Anadolu.

- Patient from Malta

Gastric Sleeve Surgery I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every individual who took care of me during my stay at the Anadolu Hastanes Hospital. Thank you to Dr Cenk for his professionalism and service, he made me feel comfortable although I was really nervous prior to my surgery. He is very professional and courteous. A massive Thank You to Sevim (Agent - Co-Ordinator) who made sure all my needs were met with a smile. She is professional, courteous and always returns your messages whenever you need to correspond with her. Totally felt comfortable around her. Highly recommend contacting Savim prior to you booking your Treatment as she is the main person who will be with you throughout your treatment and stay at the hospital. I went on my own, my recommendation is to take someone with you as post-operation you could really do with a close friend or a family member for that emotional roller coaster of post-op effects to really wear off before you start recovering and actually get back on to your own feet. Also, make sure to use Google Translate as most of the nurses DO NOT speak or Understand English so please download Google Translate prior to your operation. I have now lost 13 Kg in just 5 weeks. Thank you. "

- Mohammed Zubair

My experience at Anadolu Hospital with Dr. Cenk Sogukpinar , Sevim and all staff members. The journey was a smooth, sail from UK to Turkey. I had to lias with Seven for all plans from the beginning to the end. Sevim explained every process and procedure that I needed to do for my journey. She liased with Dr Cenk and agreed on my gastric bypass journey. Everything from little bits of needs where explained to me and I felt at ease and chose to continue my procedure with their well trained team members, nurses, doctor ,cleaners, drivers etc. I had a great superby time and my treatment was 1st class. I have never seen a well mentioned and clean environment (hospital) considering I was as a nurse myself. The place was spotless, hands down well done the cleaners!! As for the catering was excellent to. The presentation of the meals was appetizing and delicious. My surgery went well as planned and the doctor was very good. I can not express my gratitude to Dr Cenk and team. My experience was super super amazing and I am glad I choose the right team that has experience and so caning multidisciplinary team. Thak you once again. Stay blessed!!!

- -Anonymous

I was 130 kg before the operation.I've been dealing with weight problems for 13 years.I tried so much effort to lose weight.I really tired.This is so diffucult for a child.I couldn't wear the clothes which I wanted.For example, you can't run easily and I couldn't do easy things which is the most kids do. But it’s ok thanks god , I couldn’t play outside like the other children but my family were always with me.They always support me.Now I lose 50 kg and I get well.Moreover I can be able to go everywhere by walking.I can wear all clothes. I could not sit comfortably in the cafes or restaurants where I went. Now I go everywhere.I mean I’m so happy.I am also so happy to being this operation at Private Eskişehir Anadolu Hospital.They looked after me very well! Your labor is very much on me......Before operation and after operation.You made me feel special person.I’m really grateful for stuff and Dr. Cenk Soğukpınar!.... I wish, I will see you on August for control.

- Rabia Colaker

My experience Gastric Sleeve Surgery at Anadolu Hastanesi. Prior to deciding on my treatment hospital I spoke to Sevim Anadolu’s surgery representative-She was unfirmed and answered all my questions. She was not pushy in anyway and made me feel secure that Anadolu Hospital was the right choice for my treatment . Sevim with us securing the dates that suited us. She was there to greet us at the airport and was very friendly&professional. Infact Sevim was with us throughout our entire treatment procedure even coming to see us in th recovery room. The staff,nurses,doctors,anaesthesist,cleaners everyone was polite and pleasant. The hospital was clean and cheerful. I would throughly recommend Anadolu Hospital to everyone. The doctor saw us daily after our op. To make sure we were progressing ok. I have nothing negative to add about my experience and would like to thank Sevim,all the staf and management for a great visit and I am sure a great outcome of my surgery. Thank you

- Laura Marie Allen, UK

I did a gastric sleeve in July and so far I have lost 14 kilos, I tried every diet and thought there was no way I would loose weight since I suffer with lymphedema but all seems to be getting better and I have never felt healthier. My experience at Anadulu hospital was great, the doctor did a fantastic job I have 4 tiny scars that are fading away every day and I was so well looked after as well as my husband who accompanied me and stayed with me in my room. The nurses are constantly checking up on you and making sure all is well. For me it was not a painful experience and I was up and walking around the next day. This operation has changed my life and I feel 10 years younger. Well done to Savim who looked after us from the moment we set foot in Turkey until our departure. Very clean hospital and highly recommended.

- Diane Nikolic

This time round perfectly perfect. My second procedure in 5 years, my first was in an another country where I was not quite happy with all there procedures and left a bit high and dry. This hospital set about 3 hours from Istanbul set in a lovely town, chauffeured driven by and Sevim your Hospital contact and go to person. The surgeon was fantastic and I got looked after superbly, the rooms private the nursing team excellent and everyone was super cool. Just remember your in Turkey and cultures are different, but this was first class and was looked after superbly, compared to my previous procedure in a Baltic state. I can recommend this location with all my heart. Sevim and team well done for looking after to me so well, I wish I had used you the first time around. Thanks again.

- Jp. Williams,London

I have just had a revisional sleeve in April at the Private Eskisehir Anadolu hospital which has been an overall positive experience, and good value for money. I choose this hospital due to a family member having her gastric sleeve done there in 2017, and she recommends it to me. Everyone I met during my stay from the doctors to the nurses and cleaners where very warm and welcoming. Sevim my patient supervisor was exceptional, she was very informative, pleasant, answered all my questions and concerns, which made my experience stress free. Dr Jenk was very warm, pleasant and calm which made me feel happy and confident. Overall my experience at Anadolu Hospital has been an excellent one, and I would highly recommend them. Thanks, everyone you all done an excellent job.

- Viviane Ferreıra

My experience of Bariatric Surgery at Anadolu Hospital. My first contact was with Sevim. She made me feel confident. I didn’t feel pushed into going with Anadolu . She gave all informaiton made me feel very confident.On arrival we were met by sevim and driver Cenk . a pleasant journey to the hospital. I arrived met the doctor.The consultant reassured me we were doing the righthing. I was taken down for surgery.The doctor the nurses the management,the cleaners,everone I come into contact with were friendly,reassuring. We lost 4 KG while at the hospital,great start. Im looking forward to a healthier lighter brighther future thanks to the Anadolu Hospital,all team thank you. If you are in any doubt who to go with I can for sure recommend Anadolu Hospital

- Kathleen Haigh

This hospital first of all was very competitive on price. I was picked up from the airport and delivery to the hospital. I took all the tests and the surgery followed the next day. The language barrier was easy to overcome with google. Everything went very smoothly and I was very pleased with outcome. The staff were all very friendly and helpful and go out of their way to accommodate you. The surgeon came to visit me everyday to make sure I was recovering as expected. Sevim goes out of her way to make sure all of your needs and expectations are met and even gave me a lovely box of biscuits. Over all, I’m very pleased with the whole process and would recommend you consider using their services.

- Moir Martyn RAWSON

Now nearly 2 months after I had my operation I am in a position to write on the result. From my arrival in Istanbul, I was welcomed by Sevim who through all my stay was very instrumental as she was my superb interpreter. During my week stay in the Clinic I can say that I was more than happy to be operated by the best consultants, resulting in that now in 8 weeks I lost 19 kilos out of my weight which was over 135 kilos. All the personal, nurses and careers could not do better. I today feel much healthier and Would not Hesitate to Recommend this Clinic to all. Very well done to all and a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL.

- PAUL Bugeja, Malta

I had the gastric bypass on 26/10/18 at Anadolu Hastanesi. The whole experience was great, the surgeon was fantastic and checked on me daily until I left. He did a very good job and I wasn't in too much pain. Togba and Sevim (translators) are lovely and very helpful if they don't know the answer they will find out and get back to you. Also, the nurses at the hospital were very kind and helpful. Brilliant experience. The hospital is clean and the cleaners come around 3/4 times a day - they are also very nice people. Staff are friendly and no one can help you enough. Very glad I chose to go here for my surgery.

- Sophie

I had my surgery here in February 2019, the hospital was very professional, everywhere was clean, the staff and the doctor were very knowledgable and credible. I felt I was in good hands. Sevim the patient care supervisor spoke very good English and came to meet me at the airport and looked after me very well in my stay and answered any of my questions. I would thoroughly recommend this hospital to foreign patients, for service, value for money, hospitality, it is a trusted and respected hospital. The only drawback is clinical staff don't speak English, but Sevim can translate anything you need.

- Deborah Sherwood

My experiences here in Anadolu Hospital has been Amazing. I was well taking care of . The doctor was amazing, took deal everything to ensure that I was okay. The nurses were helpful, always there whenever I need something even if it was in the middle of the night. They made my stay here very comfortable and I'm great for the experience. From the communication, when I first started looking for a hospital for my surgery,until my arrival very message was responded to no matter the time of the day. I would recommend this hospital if you need to get any medical care or surgery.

- Faith DUNIYA

Arived at the airport and was met by Sevim who took us to the hospital as sson as we arrived at the hospital we were made very welcome by all the staff. The next morning Sevim came to explain everything to us about surgery . Introduced us to the surgeon who explained all the procedure and ask what kind of results I was waiting. Had surgery the same day everything went well . The hole of the hospital staff are amazing and can not do enough for you. Made my partner feel very welcome and looked after. Would recommend this hospital to anyone and Sevim because she was amazing.

- Steven Harrison, England

I had my gastric sleeve surgery on 12 October 2020. I am very happy with the medical team, very professionals. The doctor and team very nice answered all questions before and after the surgery. The nurse crew very carefully, nice and providing confidence, monitoring and staying by at all critical moments. The international patients representative was present at all important moments, supporting, explaining and really to provide all details at all times. All in all, I am very happy with the decision I made, and highly recommend the hospital and team.

- Ramona Oncescu, Romania

Sevim and Dr. Cenk are the best I’ve had the best experience and results from them. The after care has been the best ever. I’ve had a gastric band in the past abs the sleeve has been so much easier for me to adjust too. I can now eat without tue anxiety that I will be fat again. I can now love my life the way I want to live it. It’s been such an amazing journey abs I’m glad to share this success story with you. Please do your research on your Dr. I would only trust Dr. Cenk and Sevim. Thank you for all what you’ve done.

- Jamie

The whole experience from start to finish was quick and efficient which I loved. I was received from the airport by Sevim who has been great throughout this experience with answering all my questions and providing me with all the information I need. There was no waiting around as soon as I reached the hospital, all the necessary tests were done immediately and I was prepped for my op the same day. The nurses at the hospital were lovely and helped immensely in my recovery, a huge thank you to them, Dr Ibrahim and Sevim.

- Mariyah, England

The whole experience from start to finish was quick and efficient which I loved. I was received from the airport by Sevim who has been great throughout this experience with answering all my questions and providing me with all the information I need. There was no waiting around as soon as I reached the hospital, all the necessary tests were done immediately and I was prepped for my op the same day. The nurses at the hospital were lovely and helped immensely in my recovery, a huge thank you to them, Dr Ibrahim and Sevim.

- MK. From UK

We were three myself, my wife and my son. We had this procedure. The first day after the surgery was tough, but the staff is well trained and very professional. After that, everything went smoothly and without any pain. The nurses were nice and so cheerful. Every day the surgeon visited us with the interpreter who was so kind and helpful too. I highly recommend this clinic to those who suffer from obesity. We three tried all the types of diet but in vain. We lost around 12 kg during the first week only.

- Anonymous, Saudi Arabia

10 days ago I did the gastric sleeve surgery. After 10days I'm 8kgs less. I encourage everyone who is unhappy with his body to go for it. The staff is impeccable, upon our arrival Ms Sevim (my guardian angel) was waiting at the airport, arriving at the hospital all the staff is very helpful, the nurses are very caring. Mr Cenk is a very good surgeon, he visited us and was always there to help. Thank you, Mr Cenk, all the nurses and Ms Sevim, you all rock. Regards

- Graziella Vella, Malta

My treatment was a great success I would recommend this hospital highly. I expected to have or be in a lot more pain but my treatment was incredible. The surgeon and staff are amazing here you truly receive great care. I will definitely use this hospital again without a doubt. Sevim who introduced me to the hospital was a great help and without her response, I may not have chosen to use this hospital. So I am truly thankful for her help and advise.

- Anonymous, UK

Sevim is very friendly and very helpfull. She is always here when we need it, from start.And very honest. Dr. Cenk is very good surgeon and all the staff is very good and helpfull. Sevim always explained us doctor’s words. The room is very clean,tidy and comfortable. 4 days after surgery I feel very happy and I don’t have any pain. Thank you for Dr. Cenk, Sevim and nurses. I don’t worry when I go home everything was good for me.

- Dave&Margeret SWEENEY

I have done the gastric sleeve and they were really helpful from the first step I put out from the airport. Sevim was really nice and welcoming she took care of me alot. At the hospital, I was treated really excellent all of the tests were done before the surgery really professional I recommend Doctor Cenk alot. It was really a nice experience and I changed my lifestyle because of them Thankyou to all the team that took care of me?

- Kim, Malta

Thank you for having me as a patient in 2017. I had a gastrectomy and this was successful 100%. During the operation, I had a minimum pain or discomfort and was walking as soon as I opened my eyes! I have managed to lose over 25 kilos in weight and my life has improved enormously. I have more confidence in myself now and my ability to move around has been improved dramatically. The staff and the hospital ticked all the boxes.

- Louis Michael Loizou, UK

I had my gastric sleeve done on the 23rd Jan and I've lost 9 kilos and already feeling great. About the hospital what can I say well here goes clean 100% friendly staff Dr Cenk Wlia amazing replies in minutes when you need anything and he is such a gentleman. Now Sevin wow she makes you feel so calm and at home, they treat you like family thank you all so much.

- George Edwards MALTA

The Hospital is nice, clean and the staff and nurses are all lovely and very helpful.The doctor has over 10 years of experience doing this surgery. His confidence put my mindd at ease as I was really nervous going in. It is a major operation but knowing I was in safe hands made it all worth whilw. I would definitely recommend this hospital and doctor.

- Anonymous

I had the bariatric sleeve surgery a month ago and I am very thankful for all the nurses at the hospital for being so attentive and for taking good care of me during my 5 day stay. Sevim is amazing, she was very helpful and supportive and available 24/7. The doctor took the time to consult with me and checked in frequently post surgery too. Thank you.

- Lisa

Hospital is nice, staff are so friendly.Nurses are so sweet with their smile for foreign patients makes us understand eveything eventhoug we do not understand the words but feel it. Doctors are polite and try to explain any small detail the patients nedd. We were so happy to meet a nice people who would love to help us with everything we need.

- Isaabella Alkhouja

My procedure was at the peak time of COVID in the UK and Turkey. I can’t express enough how pleased I am with the treatment and the whole process. Please do your own research before choosing the procedure and the clinic. Know that this clinic will provide anything you need and answer any queries you’ll have pre and post-op.

- Tom, UK

I had my gastric sleeve 3 months ago, I feel so much better and healthy and already lost 20 kilos. The hospital is so clean and very helpful and my personal assistant was so helpful ''Sevim'' thanks for your hospitality. My doctor Cenk was very kind, I highly recommend it thanks for everything.

- Nadia

Very satisfied with Hospital conditions, nurses, doctor and personal Assistant, Sevim. I had 24h support, all my needs were satisfied, and questions answered. Many thanks to Dr.Cenk, Sevim and all staff attending me during my stay, who is a problematic patient.

- D.O

Very satisfied with Hospital conditions, nurses, doctor and personal Assistant, Sevim. I had 24h support, all my needs were satisfied, and questions answered. Many thanks to Dr.Cenk, Sevim and all staff attending me during my stay, who is a problematic patient.

- Doina, Malta

I had my gastric sleeve with Özel Anadolu Hastanesi, can't fault them. They have been brilliant all the way through. Highly recommend a very clean hospital.

- Esin from UK

My experience from the hospital was very positive on all aspects, care and the quality of services and treatment received. I would highly recommend.

- Maxine