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M.D. Sevgi Yazıcıoğlu


•New-born and premature intensive care
•Follow-up of new-born and premature babies
•Follow-up, nutrition and vaccination of well-children
•Training for breast milk and breastfeeding
•Child allergic diseases
•Respiratory tract diseases

Faculty of Education

•Diyarbakır Anatolian High School
•Diyarbakır School of Medicine
•School of Medicine, Anadolu University
•Certificate for breast milk training and counselling
•NRP course (Neonatal Resuscitation)
•CILYAD course (Paediatric Advanced Life Support)

Work Experience

•Eskişehir Childbirth and Paediatrics Hospital


•Turkish Medical Association (TMA)
•Turkish Paediatric Association
•Turkish National Paediatric Society
Foreign Language