Face lift

Extended Deep Plane Face Lift Procedure (Vertical Restore)

The deep plane facelift, while the most invasive facelift technique, offers patients the longest lasting results. This procedure allows for a more successful flattening of the nasolabial fold, resulting in more substantial and longer lasting results. This particular facelift specifically targets the mid-face region and reaches deeper layers of the facial muscle. Extended deep plane facelift is a combined procedure performed surgically on the whole face, not just for skin sagging. These surgical procedures are planned and performed by your surgeon in additional interventions needed by the face. The deep plane facelift results in the reduction of an aged, drooping appearance in the neck and face regions by removing excess skin while also reshaping and tightening underlying musculature. In a deep plane facelift procedure, the tightening process happens at a deeper musculature level than its counterparts result. The deep plane facelift begins in a similar fashion as other facelifts. Once the incision is made into the face, the surgeon will cut and release various ligaments that were tethering the face into its current shape. This allows for internal and deep manipulation of the underlying tissue rather than relying on the pulling of sutures to make the intended effect. This creates a stronger and longer lasting effect. To finish the procedure, the flap is suspended and sutured to the tissue beneath the earlobe. Facelifts aim at making the candidate rejuvenate their face for a more youthful look. By "lifting" sagging cheeks and jawline skin, facelifts remove excess skin and tightens underlying tissue and muscle. The goal of a deep plane facelift is to correct midface sagging, marionette lines, jowls and double chins.However, the deeper nature of the procedure can lead to an increased risk of nerve damage.

Before Treatment

• Stop taking blood thinning medications for two weeks
• Stop smoking 4 weeks before & after surgery
• No alcohol 2 days prior
• Do not eat and drink for at least 6 hours before

During Treatment

• Skin is marked for incision
• Incisions are made
• Various ligaments are cut and released
• Deep manipulation of tissue
• Skin-muscle flap is suspended and sutured to a more youthful position

Immediately After Treatment

• Deep bruising and swelling of the entire face
• Compressive garments and drains worn continuously for 1 week.

1 – 14 Days After Surgery

• Face is swollen and bruised
• Turn head by moving shoulders, not the neck
• Limited jaw movement
• Take antibiotics and medication as prescribed
• Return to work after 2 weeks

3 Weeks After Treatment and Beyond

• Swelling and bruising less noticeable
• Resume light exercise after 3 weeks
• Strenuous activity resume after 6 weeks

Result Notes

• Noticeable immediately after surgery
• Longest recovery period
• Long lasting however not permanent
• Lasts for 10 - 15 years
• Results will be affected by continued aging and gravity