•Our responsible staff would check your temperature, before you go to inside. booking your consultation, you can choose one of our packages that suits you and your budget best. We offer free consultation for all of our patients and provide accommodation arrangements for Premium packages.
•With regular announcements, our patients are frequently reminded of hand disinfection and social distance rules.
•You can find hand disinfectants in many areas of the hospital.
•Cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization is carried out at regular intervals in our hospital.
•Fresh air circulation is carried out with high technology ventilation systems.
•There are social distance rules in many areas, especially in the hospital entrance.
•In order to maintain the social distance between the staff and the patient, there are transparent separators at the desks.
•Seating arrangements were made in the waiting rooms in according to the social distance rules.
•All of our personnel use masks in according to the Ministry of Health Standards, our personnel in the risk group also use protective clothing and visors.
•Our guests are not admitted to the hospital without a mask and all the rules is remind with the announcement.
•Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces and common areas
•Deep cleaning of our hospital daily
•Increased environmental quality inspections
•Immediate cleaning of exam and treatment rooms between patient visits
•Our hospital accept only one companion and visitor

Please know that we remain wholly dedicated to supporting you and your family during this challenging time.