8 Reasons Why Turkey is the Best Destination for Medical Tourism

For decades, Turkey has always been a well-known tourist destination in the world especially for its historical places, amazing cuisine, wonderful beaches, its art and craft and the most modern resorts. Every year, nearly thirty million tourists visit the country to explore its natural and architectural beauty. And medical tourism in Turkey has also become one of the most popular choice for patients who seek medical treatment abroad.

Turkey’s growth as a medical tourism destination

Turkey is considered as one of the world’s best destinations for medical tourism. According to the Turkey Healthcare Travel Council, in the year 2018, Turkey welcomed more than around 850,000 medical tourists from 149 different countries. Plastic surgery, hair transplantation, dental surgery and other treatments that require attentive care such as bariatric surgery, emergency services, eye diseases and gynecological/obstetrics branches, followed by pediatric diseases and internal diseases are among the most popular treatments. On the other hand, waiting times and prices for surgeries in Turkey is also very low compared to some countries like USA or UK.

Popularity of medical tourism around the world

Globalization has led to a booming in medical tourism industry. In the development of sustainable tourism, medical tourism plays a significant role by minimizing, diversifying and seasonal tourism services. The healthcare industry is considered to be among the world’s most vital sectors. People who face health issues consider traveling to certain destinations in order to avail desired medical services. Medical tourism has gotten so famous that more and more countries have opened its doors international patients. Patients from various developed countries are known to travel to developing countries to get quality health-related services at affordable prices. This is why medical tourism in Turkey, India and Thailand has become popular. Medical tourism Turkey is of particular interest to visitors from developed countries. The following are some reasons why medical tourism in Turkey is considered to be among the best:

Improved healthcare infrastructure:

Over the past couple of decades, people from private and public sectors have made considerable investments towards making the medical facilities in Turkey more advanced. Turkish Tourism Ministry has a department just for medical tourism and encourage the hospitals around the country to invest more in it.

Competitive prices:

Compared to the US and the UK, Turkey has about 50-60% lower surgical fees; this is one of the biggest reasons that people travel to Turkey for health-related issues. The average fee for an angioplasty procedure in the U.S. is $47,000, while it is only $5,000 in Turkey, whereas it costs $10,000 in Thailand, $11,000 in India and $13,000 in Singapore - all countries which are said to have very low health treatment fees.

Accredited hospitals:

In Turkey, there are more than 50 accredited hospitals, out of which most are located in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Eskisehir, Antalya, Kocaeli and Adana. Some hospitals in Turkey also have affiliations with institutions like Harvard Medical Center and John Hopkins Institute. There are more than 10 first class private hospitals in Turkey. These hospitals are in top-notch condition with highly qualified doctors.

Easy access:

Discounted and affordable flight fares from other European and neighboring countries along with being able to get an e-visa online makes travelling easier compared to some other medical tourism destinations.

A geothermal country:

After the US, the Philippines and Indonesia, Turkey stands at fourth place as a “geothermal country.” Thermal water and therapy tourism are a popular one when it comes to Turkey. If you visit Eskisehir or Bursa for medical tourism, you’ll have a chance to explore and enjoy this healing and natural source.

Language support:

Hospitals in Turkey with medical tourism teams offer language support to patients. These units provide translation services in languages like English, Arabic, Russian, Farsi, French, German to make sure patients feel comfortable and supported during their visit .

Well-trained and experienced doctors:

The reason for a large number of medical tourists visiting the Turkey is the excellent quality of surgeries and medical care. At least over 35% of physicians trained in the Western countries and graduated from top universities. Also, the doctors in Turkey are more experienced in most their European colleagues due to high volume of patients they treat and the diversity of cases they are exposed to.

Natural and historical beauty:

Turkey is situated at the crossroads of the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, and eastern Mediterranean. So, it offers a mix of different climates and natural beauties. While you can enjoy a nice beach holiday in the west and south, you can go for skiing in the east or enjoy beautiful, green mountains in the black sea region. Turkey was at the same time home of Mesopotamian civilizations, Byzantium Empire and then Ottoman Empire. The history goes back to thousands of years in the land and it has a lot to offers when it comes to human history.

It can easily be seen that medical tourism in Turkey has quickly become a major destination for patients who are looking for high-quality medical tourism facilities with well-trained doctors. Turkey offers a safe and secure environment as compared to many other competing destinations. Skilled doctors, low treatment prices, well established hospitals and suitable climatic conditions are some of the reasons due to which people Turkey is a top choice for medical tourism.

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